Legal opinion for CBD products

Laws of payment

In the course of online payment optimization, it may be necessary to issue a legal opinion (e.g. for a specific CBD product) so that it may be distributed in the respective country. For German-speaking countries, we have our criminal defense lawyer Marek Schauer from, who, together with online payment expert Lars Funke, develops strategies to obtain the best payment providers and conditions for our customers.

Legal opinion for CBD products in Germany

Some payment providers like to play it safe when selecting their customers and get legal certification that the products that are to be paid for with their service can actually be traded legally.

However, these legal opinions only concern certain products or product groups, which can be roughly divided into three categories.

Installment payment and subscription function

In the case of higher-priced products, for example, payment by installments is a popular option for promptly fulfilling material wishes outside of one’s financial means.

Our online payment advisor will find the right provider, with the most popular payment methods and best conditions.

Category 1 – no legal opinion required (e.g. electronic devices)

If, for example, vaporizers, equipment for cultivation or other electronic devices are to be sold in the online store, a legal opinion is usually not necessary.

The reason is that the products in this area are only indirectly related to CBD products. Cultivation can also be, for example, tomatoes or broccoli.

Nevertheless, many payment service providers remain cautious and can only be convinced with the right arguments.

Category 2 – legal opinion may be necessary (e.g. CBD oils)

This category includes all products where, for example, CBD has been further processed in some form and you can pretty much track which ingredients have been used. This concerns CBD oil, lipstick, sweets, etc.

Here we have to look in detail, but we can certainly find a service provider who is willing to take over the payments for these products, without the need for a legal opinion beforehand.

Category 3 – Legal opinion required (e.g. CBD flowers or seeds).

In the case of products that are largely resold unprocessed, there is no way around a legal opinion.

This concerns e.g. CBD flowers, seeds or plant parts.

If you are unsure whether your CBD products need a legal opinion, just contact us and we will clarify your questions and also advise you on the right choice of payment providers.

Online payment consultant

Lars Funke is the contact person for questions about payment providers for online stores.

With the legal opinions of our lawyer Marek Schauer from Rechtsanwalt24 he creates optimal conditions to distribute CBD products of all kinds.

Our online payment expert will find the right payment provider for your CBD store.

Legal opinion for CBD products in the EU

In short, a separate legal opinion must be prepared for each individual country (within) the EU to which the CBD products are to be sold.

The reason is that our lawyer is only admitted for Germany. However, the lawyers are very close to each other and therefore we have a very extensive network and can establish the appropriate contact for each country.


If you want to sell CBD products through your online store, thanks to our service, you can resort to a payment processor that will save you money in the long run.

Depending on what categories your products fall into, a legal opinion may be required for the payment processor.

Thanks to our lawyer and his legal team we can issue legal opinions for Germany. For other EU countries, we have the appropriate local contacts.

In the end, you will get a reliable payment processor, with best conditions, custom features, that will ensure more secure transactions in your online store.

Simply secure an appointment for an initial free consultation and we will clarify everything else together.

Legal Opinions

Lawyer Marek Schauer and his team at take care of all legal issues and minimize the concerns of payment providers with their legal opinions.


Marek Schauer provides legal opinion for CBD products