Our team

League of extraordinary Specialists

Specialists with many years of experience and the best customer ratings.

Ingo Lembke
Consultation, SEO & Content Management

𖡡 Berlin / Magdeburg

Matthias Bathke
Funding Consulting & Web Development

𖡡 Hamburg

Dennis Heiden
Web Development & Project Management

𖡡 Berlin

Philipp Krüger
Fullstack Web Development

𖡡 Ħamrun (Malta)

Lars Funke
Online Payment Consulting

𖡡 Baar

Dr. Jesko Baumhöfener
Lawyer / Criminal law

𖡡 Hamburg

Marek Schauer
Lawyer / Legal Opinions

𖡡 Berlin

Arvid Wünsch
Photographer & Videographer

𖡡 Leipzig

Rob van Jaarsveld

𖡡 Berlin / Belgien

Christopher Schmidt
Product Photograph

𖡡 Berlin

Florian Groehn
Web 3.0 Consulting

𖡡 Berlin

Käthe Fischer
Social Media

𖡡 Berlin